Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Day In Paradise??

In 1 month time, I'll be finishing my practical training. Its sad though. I have to leave my life here in KL and back to Perlis. OMG! Can't imagine it!
Starting from July. I'll be a 4th/final year communication engineering student!! OMG!
Final project/exams/quizzes... EVERYTHING!!

I hope my grades aren't going to drop!! I'm damn scared bout it!

I guess I have to get back 2 work now. B4 my boss finds out I'm blogging~

peace out~


b4 i forgot..

some sight for sore eyes~~

and this too.. lets see DBSK comeback mv last year~


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Share The World Remix (Tarzan)

I'm Starting To Imagine Dancing Around Woodfire In The Forest!!
Hahahaha~ Funny Though~ >_<

Huga.. Huga~

Credits: jnsiek @ Youtube

F.T Island's New MV

I Just Love This Song. I Think It's For OST of Some Movie/Drama.


Credits: FTilove@youtube

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

HateThem Or Love Them?

Luv them or hate them??
I wonder.. When I first heard this song, I was totally shocked!
but.. after 20-30 rounds of hearing it.. the melody and the lyrics is embeded in my head! hahahhaha!
U Can Call Me Weirdo If U Want.. But.. The Truth Is..
I Lurvveeeeee Them~

Credits: lemonxiah@youtube

My Current Fav Song~

Double Click The Vid And U'll Go To The User's Page.

I DO NOT own this video. Credit the owner when taking.


Followers Or The Leader..??

I've been following a few blogs lately. Blogs bout DBSK, SHINee, Big Bang and most k-pop and j-pop artists.

It's amazing how these people are able to maintain such an up-to-the-minute blog about their favourite artists and its so well organise. I envy them..!!!

Some of my favourite blogs is:

I really-really recommends all of u to visit their webpages coz it's really updated.

And also, there are some communities in livejournal which I follows and joined.

go to my livejournal profile here to see which community or users I followed.


Do Not Hotlink Any Of Their Links And Do Visit Their Pages For More Info.
I Recommend You To Visit These Pages.

My First Post~

Uuuuu Yeah...!!~

My first post...!!

I Kinda Lost The Creativity to create and write a new blog especially after Friendster demolished my blog..!! So.Sad!

I'm currently doing my practical training now in KL and I have absolutely no intention of doing my job at the moment. I donno how will i survive in 4th Year at Perlis. OMG! More Hectic, More Work, More Quizzes, More Exams, Tests, Projects. Urgh! U Name It..!!!

I'm enjoying life as it is now and I can't wait to finished studies and start working. Fuh~

My Bb~

Jgn Jeles Beng~

Credits: As Tagged~