Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sebulan suda! ^^


Di kerja.. Tempat baru~ Huu~ Hari ini sudah sebulan ku d tempat baru.
Wlpn berat ati ku nk meninggalkan Maxis, aku terpaksa juga melepaskannya.
Kerja sana berat la. Stress. Kt TM nie plak. Masa training mmg best. HAVOC!
Harap-harap masuk floor nnti, HAVOC jgk!! ^^

Oh~ I think sampai sni je la kot kali ini~ ^^
Update kt opis mmg gini~ kne berjaga2~ xDDD

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's a rainy day and Pay day!! ^^


Today; Rain is raging outside and class as usual. Yes, class. As weird as it may sound, I still have to go to class. Guh! So bored! T-T

1st class today is Circuit Theory --- Today is all about the tutorial and test questions. Y-Parameters and Z-Parameters of a circuit. N-Type circuit.

After abt 1hour 30 minutes of discussion -- that's what I called the class is, Pn Shima let us finish early~ (I mentally thanked her for letting us go pretty early). But, the downside of getting out of class early is.. we have to -- what we call here in Malaysia, BEREBUT, to get our lunch and heck, it's really suffocating!! But nonetheless, we (me and my housemates) got our lunch after much struggle~ yay!! ^^

After paying for lunch, me and Ainu Nunu went to the ATM to check whether allowance have been banked in or not. And to my surprise, IT HAS BEEN BANKED IN!!!! Yayayayaya!! Alhamdulillah!!!! XDDD (and now, I still have a list of things to buy~)

Okay okay..Enough flailing abt the money.. So, lunch as usual in KKB-48.. The usual talk, laugh and mimicking situation. XDD I love these girls! They always brings a smile to my face~ After lunch (at around 1130 a.m.), we went to class and there's already a couple of ppl there and also our lecturer, Mr. Asmi. Mr. Asmi ask us to answer the past year questions and he even gave us the answer scheme!! ^^ (yay for u too sir!! XDD)

Well, we didn't copy the answers given instead we take pictures of it!! XDD (talk abt technology savvy~) I would also thanked Mr. Asmi for letting us go home early~~ Another yay!!!

And now, I'm writing this entry -- my laptop's time is 1:36 P.M now and I can say, I love rainy days!! ^^

The night I know abt 'Red String of Fate'~


It's been three weeks since I step foot in Perlis (once again). Heck. I was supposed to start working early June, but this crash course is crashing my brains out!

Firstly, the subjects taken is very, very, very tough!!

Secondly, the weather is freakish HOT! It can reach almost 38 degree Celsius at times!! *wipes sweat*

Thirdly, I haven't got my allowance yet!! Gahhh!!!

But on top of that, InsyaAllah on 1st July, I'll be back to KL!!! YES!!!

I'm gonna start working on the 5th!!!

On the 4th I have a wedding to attend and it's MY BIRTHDAY!!! Alhamdulillah!!!

I'm turning 23!!! ^^

Oh, before I forgot.. Tonight, I got to know abt an ancient myth of 'Red String of Fate'

I excerpt a saying from the myth;

"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break."
~an ancient Chinese belief

Ahh~ the myth is similar to those in the west.. which is Soulmate~

I love to search bout these theories and learn more bout it.. Yes, ppl says curiosity kills but heck.. It's a way of learning.. Right??

Ok then.. I have to go.. Have an early class tomorrow (well, basically.. its today~ XDD since the time now is past 12.00a.m.~ XDD)

will post something new if i found 1 next time~~

before I go, I just wanna say.. I got a cupcake yesterday from my lovely sis, Kak Tirah!! ^^

Here's teh pic-tu-re~ XDD

Pic: Cuppy cake!! ^^ Cute isn't it?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weekend Pertama Di Kg Wai

Sy kena pegi crash course.. sebulan lebih lak tu.. kerja da menunggu.. tp kne tangguh dlu.. cmne nie? payah kot..

subjek2 yg kne amik lak mmg power2.. bkn calang2.. terima je la nasib..

subjek2 yg kne amik:

1. Electronic Instrumentation
2. Electric Circuit 2
3. Project Management

bayangknlah.. da abes blaja tetibe kne pngl blk.. sedey je.. kerja da pngl~

skang nie ade assignment, tp mls maw buat.. cmne nie? ape nk jd tah!!

nsb la result last sem agak memberansangkan~ XDD

alhamdulillah~ ^^

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hari - Hari Saya~

Weekend yg boring. Tenet asyik limited je. Kalo ade pn, kjp2 je. Aish.

Smlm ade JDM. Acc tu~ Fuh~

Arini ade Satelit n Usahawan~ Wah~

Mlm td dpt wallpaper K.ila@Sierra. Aduh2. Gelak x hengat!

Maw tgk?
Pic: Changmila kunun~ (rofl)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Saya Lapar!


Bukak Kah Kopitiam hari ini? Pg2 kang x bkk lak.. Waaa..

Teringn nk mkn mcm nie:

Pic: Family dinner~

Telinga: Bengkak reda sket kot. Hmm. Cpt2 la baek. InsyaAllah!

Kerja: 1 pn x wat! Ape nk jd! Kak Yoy br tmbh kerja ku! Xpa! Duit nye pasal!

Malam Ini Saya Seronok!

Malam ini saya hanya main-main. Kerja x buat pn. huu~ sbr je la.

Lepak2 bersama Zizi, Kak Wan n Kak Ila (dan di-join oleh Shidot, Aida, Farah dan juga Sha) d court.

Pic: Kekasih Bergaduh?!

G umah Mastura. Tgk selendang.

Pic: Di bilik penjual selendang~

Pic: Maej Maisara, Model Sementara. Selendang: Courtesy of Mastura Ahmad Kamal, RM10!

G spazzing umah Kak Ila. Huh.
(Nie xde lak gmbr.. spazzing ja lbey~)

Blk umah blk dah pkl 1.45am. Wah!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

After A Long Hiatus.

After a freakin long hiatus, I decided to pay more attention to this blog. Hahaha. (Kasihan. Dianak-tirikn selama ini. )

Sj je nk ltak gmbr terbaru agak baru sy n kwn2 sy~

Pic: @In my car otw to Alor Star with Ain n Awe~

After I ignored this blog for quite some time, I fine pleasure in writing a different kind of things.. hahaha.. If my parents knows what type of writings I wrote, they'll surely kill me! Yes, kill me! It's against my moral! Our moral! I dunno from where I get those crazy ideas and these all kinds of words to "mantapkn" my fic. But hey, my passion is writing and my inspiration is about the pairing which against my morality! I never reads what I've wrote and ppl says that it's kinda good but every time I open the document, I get goosebumps. Brr. It's too weird for me to be reading what I've wrote. Hahaha. Call me crazy or whatever. But it's the truth! I got hooked on to writing the so-called-fic thanx to my friend, my fellow ninja-- Zizi Romaida.

Pic: Zizi Romaida~

She's an "acclaimed" fic-writer in LJ. Hahaha. Thanx to her, I got hooked on with LJ and also fics! Ape username die? Tu kne tnye die sendri~ ye~

Byk bende dah jd sepanjang 5-6 bulan nie.. 2009 pn da jd 2010.. Looking back at 2009, I'll probably laugh my head off thinking of those events happening back then.. One of the most should I say this: AMAZING thing that happened is that RUZILA@Sierra Juliette take interest in DBSK!!!! hahahahaha.. Sorang lg yg tertarik kt DBSK is WAN UMMI SARAH~ Hahahahaha.. Diorg drpd kutuk2, alih2 die sendri terpikat.. Ish3~ sah2 gedik! hahahaha..

Pic: Yg berbaju pink is Wan Ummi Sarah.. Yg berbaju hitam is Ruzila Ismail~

There's certainly a lesson to be learn and even some of it is very very very memorable.. This year -- 2010, I hope it's gonna be a more wonderful year instead of 2009.. Awl thn nie jugak saye blaja wat cupcake!! weee~ walaupun mcm hampeh ja hasilnya.. hahahahaha~

Pic: Cupcake Ku~

This year also mark the day I (hope) I will be graduating from Universiti Malaysia Perlis. Doa-doakn la ye.. Hehehe..

Lagi 1.. Aku terfikir-fikir mahu membuat online business tp.. ade ke org nk bli? Hmm.. bak kata org.. blom cuba blom taw.. Akn ku cuba 1 hari nnti..

Lastly: Purpose of this post is to say hi, at last leh post gak kt blogspot nie.. hehehe.. 2 je..

ok la~