Sunday, September 6, 2009

Past.Present.Future.Choose Pt1

First of all, I want to wish everyone Selamat Berpuasa (Walaupun dah terlewat, tp xpe la kn?? *blush*)

So, here is my story (more like my babbling):

These few weeks is a very very very hectic period for me.
Too many things needed to be done in such a short period of time.
Haish.. Its a NORMAL student life, as said by my sister and friends. Gosh. How I miss my family and friends back home (more like all over the world). I'm stuck here in Perlis struggling to finished every work given. Well yeah, U can say that my life kinda sucks like hell. No life, No leisure (yeah right.. more like leisure everyday!)

With all these hectic things happening, I dunno why I had the time to write a fanfic!! yes.. I repeat, FANFIC.. A DBSK FANFIC that is.. Huh.. Its weird how I manages to stay up the whole night and write the fic instead of doing assignments and projects.. (aww.. coz assignments is kinda boring *pouts*) Hell yeah DBSK has turn my world around 180 degrees.. And I'm VERY VERY VERY thankful to the fact that I adore them right now.. (Abe-Abe Ensem!! Wo0ot2!!) Hahaha.. So, I wanna give u guys a preview of my fic.. So, this is a few lines from my fic:

Ok..Ok.. Back to reality..I have Optoelectronics presentation next Tuesday and I'm freakin' scared that I might do a TERRIBLE HORRIBLE presentation!!! Urgh!! It Kills me inside just thinking bout it.. Well yeah.. Every Communication Student taking Opto will have to go through this presentation.. So, this is some of my info I've found for my Opto:

Flexible. Since fiber optics are more flexible, they can go around corners and into tighter places than traditional cable. This is important in computer and very big office networks.

Optical fibers can be used as sensors to measure strain, temperature, pressure and other quantities by modifying a fiber so that the quantity to be measured modulates the intensity, phase, polarization, wavelength or transit time of light in the fiber.

Hahahaha.. I dunno why i did post that info here.. Maybe just because I want to show that I DID my work and also I had fun writing fic (yes. I had fun doing BOTH at the same time) *bitchslap myself* ROFL!!!

Well.. I guess I have to get back to work now (my Opto work that is.. NOT the fanfic oke..Well.. Maybe A Little bit of fanfic-ing this evening.. *slap myself*)

Ohhhh Jae.. How I Miss U~ *giggling madly*
Hahahahaha.. Ok.. Ok.. I guess I really Have To Go.. Before I went Crazy and babble all about DBSK here (Aww... this reminds me more of AADBSK3!!! Waaaa... I Want It!!!)
My mom will surely KILL me if i bought it!!! RM250++ for 5 DVDs!!!

Yes Mom.. I Am Crazy.. Crazy For DBSK That Is!!! ROFLMAO


Here Are One Of My Piece Of Art Artwork: