Tuesday, June 16, 2009

12th June 2009

seriously.. I AM going crazy without internet!!! you can call me internet-hogger btw.. urgh..

i feel like i'm lost without the internet!! i can't download, i can't search for songs, mvs, cfs and most of all i can't facebook!!! urgh!!! so much pressure!!!!

its already been a week since i've last wrote a note like this.. and yes.. my life is THAT boring!!

my nephew and niece lives with us for 2 weeks and since wednesday, my mom got a fever and flu. followed by my nephew who caught the fever last week on thursday.. i'm showing symptoms of fever too but i just ignore it.. mls nk amik kesah r.. too burdensome..

i miss the high speed broadband though.. seriously.. i dunno how long can i stand it withour internet..

noe what.. at about 9.30 pm yesterday (13th June 2009) i msged wani (my ex-intern mate in kulim).. she sounded very pleased that i contacted her.. but.. who knows right underneath that pleased voice, she has an evil plan(hahaha.. silly me!).. but whatever it is.. i dun care.. i still miss her like i miss my other friends though.. she's a good friend and a good girl..

okai.. enuff bout wani and the msg.. i'm damn bored now.. plz.. i can't stand it!! urghhhhh...
i missed high speed broadband and i also missed abe2 seksei~~ oppa deul, pogoshipposo!!!!!!!!!!~~ cinca pogoshipposo!!!!!~~ ur really like a song on a constant playback.. i keep watching vids of u guys but i never get bored...!!! it makes me miss u all more!!!!!!!! wawawawawawa TT-TT

7th June 2009

I'm staring blankly at my lappy screen and wondering when can I enjoy High-Speed Broadband!! Urgh.. I'm going crazy without internet these few days!!!

Ever since I can't online, all I have now is my collection of videos, movies and dramas.. But.. After re-runs of all the vids, movies and dramas, U'll get bored of it.. That's what happened to me now..

I can't think of anything to do other than stare at the lappy screen and be amazed by some artists. Aigoo. Help!!

Right Now, other than writing this entry, I'm staring at Jae's perfectly sculptured body~ (my wallie that is!) OMG! He really have a perfect body, muscle and skin!! EVERYTHING bout him is PERFECT!!! (u can call me crazy bout him now~~ I don't mind at all~~) the sound of DaVinchi's song (track 2) from their mini album (davinchi in wonderland) is filling my ears right now.. the title of their mini album really suits me now.. I am in Wonderland because of Jae~~ Ekekeke~

Enuf bout Jae n his body now.. Lets get back 2 reality.. Hmm.. On Friday, 5th June 2009, I went out with my friends: kak wan, wani SE, fazila, maej, oyit and ann to mid valley.. accidently, I FELL!!! OMG!!!! I feel damn embarassed and ashamed!!!!!!!!!! thanfully, my right knee is not that badly injured.. i just sprained my right knee and until now (sunday, 7th june 2009) it still hurt.. nvm.. I just have to live with it.. like what my mom said.. "nie semua dugaan Allah.. Allah syg ko 2".. nvm mom.. I'll never blame HIM coz everything He does have a certain meaning.. =)

noe what? right now I'm really into the heartbreak-sorrow kinda song.. I just dunno why.. maybe deep down I'm having a heartbreak.. I've had this HUGE crush on someone.. but I can't and dunno how to tell him bout it.. I keep holding back coz I don't wanna hurt another person heart, especially someone who care for me and that person is my crush's bestfriend!! its confusing alright.. but WTH, i just have to keep lying and hang in there. It'll be really frustating for me if i found out that my crush has a gf!! I dun wanna become like my sisters.. 2 of my sis flop because of their blindness for love!!! I can't wait to finish my degree and after that pursue my master and PhD!! I want to live abroad and have a nice life abroad!! I really want to live in Japan, or maybe finland, the land where Nokia is build.. I want to work for them and create a history.. I want to build a nice life for me and my family,my parents too.. Dats my dream and InsyaAllah I'm gonna pursue it!!!!

Erm.. ok.. I think I'll write until now~

I want to continue watching movies and maybe some re-runs of vids~~

Daa~~ Take Care~~