Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Alone In The Office~

It's been 3 days since I last saw my fellow clique.. I dunno where they went and what they are doing.. My days at work is just pure "Internet-ing".. Haha..

It's really boring coz I'm alone in this office and no one to talk 2.. I almost run out of my Celcom credit.. Aigoo2.. Allowance pn x msk lg.. adeh2..

hey.. just this afternoon i went to dbdknights and there, i saw this post bout yunjae ufo reply.. OMG! I hope they are not a couple.. IF they are a couple, my heart will certainly broke!!!! Wawawawawa~~ Jae Oppa~~ Bogoshipo~~

U noe what..?? I'm actually getting pretty bored blogging bout silly stuffs but.. through blogging, I can tell/show/write my experience and stuffs that went through my life at that moment.. Uhhhh.. How I wish that what I'm talking right now, will be automatically written in this blog.. haha.. silly me..

today, I've manage to download good daddy ep 7 and ep 12 which is the last ep of good daddy.. and also.. i got the subbed vid for 3rd bigeast fanmeeting!!! yeah2!!!~

ohhh... i gtg.. it's time for me to go home~~

i'll post again tomorrow.. MAYBE~~

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

CF song?~

I dunno y i couldn't erase this song from my head..
urgh.. its just a cf song for goodness sake!

i love how he serenades to that girl~

♥ nuniwa~ nuniwa~ seolleim-e nuniwa~♩ maeumedo ibanedo nuniumyeon seolleim-i wa~♩ seolleim-e nuniwa~♩

credits: DBSKnights.blogspot

Monday, May 18, 2009

In Dear Needs??

I don't know why the heck my lappy HATES Blogspot today!!

I can't blog, I Can't Spazz, I can't leave a comment!! Urgh!!

Really Makes My Blood Go Upstairs!!

To Make This Entry, I refreshed the page 3 times!!! Yeah!

right now, I'm counting the days to end my practical training in Miraxis Sdn Bhd here in Jalan Ampang, KL. Ouhhhh.. I Can't wait!!!

Its Been Sucks These Few Days at work. No..no..no.. It SUCKS Totally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

enuff bout me.. i want to tell u all a story..
i have this 1 friend whom i consider as one of my close friend and what bothers me is that how she behaves whenever she has a problem and whenever she's not in a problem.
when she's in a problem/situation= rif, please help me with this, with that.. and i with open heart willing to help her.. BUT..when she's not in a problem.. she turns evil! like this: ko ade prob ke?? so, ape aku leh wat? ko leh settle sendri kn?
the questions/statements she made really pissed me off inside! sometimes, not all problems can be solved by u helping that person in need, its just something that a friend should do like consoling ur dear friend and try to make the down atmosphere a bit more happy.
i wonder. y do i always hae a friend like that..???!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009



Oh how i wish it'll end now. duh! keep on wishing dear. it's not gonna end in another 2 weeks. Ya Allah. Pls give me strength to survive another 2 more weeks. right now, i don't think i can even survive another hour.

My *&%$#@ ^%$# really pissed me off last night!! urgh!! &^%$#@ nye org!! Siot Gile!!
Dats y i don't like to ^%$# with a close relative!!

Can I Just Cut myself now? urgh! the pain i bear inside is more painful if compared to the wound thats visible on my skin. outside wounds will heal but not the inside. it takes time to heal and to fully recover.

Too many things happened this couple of weeks. too many harsh-outta this world-negative kinda things happened. i wish i could say it all here. but, i'm just too tired to think it all back. duh! i hate myself because of this. i need somebody right now. Rizwana! lambatnye la bulan july..!! need to talk 2 u beb!!

Silly. Pabo. i'm actually crying when i type this post. yeah. my eyes can't stop flowing tears right now. oh how i feel like bursting into tears now in PUBLIC that is. not like now, nobody knows i'm actually crying in this office.

Too many things to get off my chest right now. Unfortunately.. I can't. I don't wanna let anyone know I'm totally depressed right now and I'm in need of a support now. Aig0o2. Its really painful when u have to bear all of this probs urself. nvm, heart, plz be strong now.

majority of my friends gonna finish their internship today. well.. congrats to u guys.. i still have another 2 more weeks here in "ALMOST HELL"!

Ngek.. Sambung La Lg 2 more weeks ngek.. ade jgk kwn spazzing t. meh le.

right now. I just want to finish working and go home..!!! dun wanna think bout anything after this!!
my report? bout 95% done!

next week i can go and bind..!~ yippie~

Monday, May 4, 2009


Damn It!!

since morning, i can't log in my yahoo mail and i have TONS (and yes! I mean TONS of work!) urgh! i can't wait for my practical to end! damn bored!

WTH is an engineering student doing in a supplying firm???? OMG! it SUCKS alright!

plz.. someone plz help me from all this work!

my company will be participating in the MIHAS starting from 2morow!! and its HECTIC all DAY!!!