Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Can't Stand It Any Longer!

Its been a while since I enjoy life. Yeah. I.Have.No.Life. As far as I hate to admit it, my life is nothing but wonderful sucks. BIG TIME!

Exams is just a month away yet I'm sooooooooooo far behind in my studies!!! With final projects, assignments, mini projects, presentation, tests and most of all; facebook-ing! Hahahahaha..

I dunno the purpose of writing this entry. But I just want to write something. Writing has been my obsession lately. Hahaha. Blame it on fanfics!

I don't really update this blog often. Coz now I'm really hooked on fanfics (DBSK fics) at the moment. Yeah. Fics as in fictional stories! Too many fics that I like.. Yunjae-ness is always a priority. Hahahaha.. (my brain is half awake whenever I read fics.. Hahaha.. Pardon me~)

So.. I guess I want to end this entry. I've got to get back to work. Yeah. I've got TONS of work needed to be submitted by the end of October! (dull)