Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's a rainy day and Pay day!! ^^


Today; Rain is raging outside and class as usual. Yes, class. As weird as it may sound, I still have to go to class. Guh! So bored! T-T

1st class today is Circuit Theory --- Today is all about the tutorial and test questions. Y-Parameters and Z-Parameters of a circuit. N-Type circuit.

After abt 1hour 30 minutes of discussion -- that's what I called the class is, Pn Shima let us finish early~ (I mentally thanked her for letting us go pretty early). But, the downside of getting out of class early is.. we have to -- what we call here in Malaysia, BEREBUT, to get our lunch and heck, it's really suffocating!! But nonetheless, we (me and my housemates) got our lunch after much struggle~ yay!! ^^

After paying for lunch, me and Ainu Nunu went to the ATM to check whether allowance have been banked in or not. And to my surprise, IT HAS BEEN BANKED IN!!!! Yayayayaya!! Alhamdulillah!!!! XDDD (and now, I still have a list of things to buy~)

Okay okay..Enough flailing abt the money.. So, lunch as usual in KKB-48.. The usual talk, laugh and mimicking situation. XDD I love these girls! They always brings a smile to my face~ After lunch (at around 1130 a.m.), we went to class and there's already a couple of ppl there and also our lecturer, Mr. Asmi. Mr. Asmi ask us to answer the past year questions and he even gave us the answer scheme!! ^^ (yay for u too sir!! XDD)

Well, we didn't copy the answers given instead we take pictures of it!! XDD (talk abt technology savvy~) I would also thanked Mr. Asmi for letting us go home early~~ Another yay!!!

And now, I'm writing this entry -- my laptop's time is 1:36 P.M now and I can say, I love rainy days!! ^^

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